Friday, June 3, 2016

Dr Kwabena Daquah: The Youthful Ghanian Histology Phenomenon!

Met Dr. Kwabena Danquah at the International West African Histology (IWAC) congress in Accra, Ghana between March 31st and April 1st.
 A first sight of his stature is deceptive as he may be taken for a university under graduate.  This young Medical Laboratory Scientist who had his BSc Histopathology in Ghana also have an MSc degree and Ph.D both from the PostMorth University, UK. He also had post doctoral experience in three different Institutions. One at a Biotechnology company for 2 years, the second from at……..for one year and the last one for 2 years at………….
This young MLS is a vibrant role model for other aspiring young histoscientists in West Africa who desires to reach the zenith of their profession especially in the emerging fields of molecular biology and nanotechnology. It was for this reason the editor of this publication cornered him for a lengthy interview with excerpts produced below for your delight:
The Beginning
Medical Laboratory started as a diploma programme in Ghanian higher institution which later upgraded to a degree programme.  Medical doctors were our lecturers in those days. They made us feel inferior and told us there was no future for Medical Laboratory Science.
After my degree programme in Ghana, I had a schorlaship for MSc at the University of Postmouth in the UK in 2004. It was during this period that my eyes were opened to the wide field and importance of Medical Laboratory Science in Medicine and beyond.
My MSC was a modular programme and my choice of modules were in Histopathology, cytochemistry, cytology, molecular biology etc hence my specialization in histopathology.  I had exposure in electron microscopy and work on the use of virus to cure brain cancer cells.
My PhD focused on molecular biology techniques in using virus to cure cancer cells. After that I was opportune to do my post-doctoral programme in three places at different periods.

Return To Ghana
I returned to Ghana in 2013. I have been lecturing and mentoring students since.  I also double as a Director of a research Institute where collaborate with and help research students in Pharmacology, Anatomy, molecular biology etc.  The Institute also conducts workshops in molecular techniques.

The Future
I want to see a future where Medical Laboratory Science will expand to research, production of reagents, and antibodies, Tissue culture, nanotechnology, Therapeutic protein production etc. We have all it takes to produce reagents and biologicals as it is very difficult to get reagents for your research even if you have money in this part of the world.
On Nigeria Delegates

You Nigerians are very passionate and unique. My interactions in the conference shows your level of exposure and expertise. I give it to you that you are ahead in the practice of histology.

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